Cooperation between Polish and Hungarian twin towns

The coordination of relationships between Polish and Hungarian twin towns has been my field of expertise for numerous consecutive years. I have been granted a myriad of opportunities to learn that such a form of mutual cooperation brings much variety, diversity, and new experiences for all the parties interested. The city cooperation scheme is predominantly beneficial for students, who can take part in exchanges to unwind, as well as to learn more about the history and culture of a foreign country. Communal and municipal events can become much more prominent thanks to the participation of guests from the cooperating foreign town, which helps – mainly due to knowledge exchange - in qualification improvement and mastering skills, especially by individuals working in similar branches of industry. The said exchange of information is especially desired by farmers and teachers. Basing on my experiences gained while cooperating with numerous twin towns, I can ensure that the initiative is always beneficial for both parties involved. 

My offer in that regard involves:  

Correspondence/documentation translation
Correspondence/documentation translation
Consecutive translation

By taking advantage of my contacts that I have been establishing for numerous consecutive years, I can also offer starting cooperation with towns located within the borders of Transylvania (western Romania), in the case of which the local people use Hungarian in everyday speech and cultivates Hungarian traditions.