Marketing and advertising campaigns for companies operating in Poland and Hungary

Perennial marketing experience, as well as an excellent knowledge of Hungarian make it possible for me to plan marketing campaigns effectively, incorporate them, and support their execution.  I do offer skillful use of target language, puns, ambiguities, and allusions. They can be taken advantage both in Polish and in a foreign language. The use of all of the aforementioned factors will make your campaign not only effective but also one-of-a-kind, which will in turn translate into the possibility of overshadowing the competition and increasing the interest of prospective customers in your offer. Would you like to enter a given market with ease? If so, do not hesitate to start cooperating with me!

My major fields of expertise are as follows: 

Website creation
Company blog
Social media

Language excellence and ability to fluently speak and write Hungarian are the aspects distinguishing me from the competition. Thanks to my support, you will establish your brand in Poland and in foreign countries without the need of employing yet another worker. We can help you with: 

Campaigns for Polish companies operating in Hungary and Hungarian firms operating in Poland.

I perform a wide scope of marketing actions, starting from the creation of a proper promotional strategy, through the identification of a target group and communication channels, all the way to the realization and incorporation of a ready-made plan.

Marketing knowledge is indispensible when it comes to creating high quality promotional texts oriented towards a particular market. They have to be persuasive and efficient. Materials like that can be prepared only basing on experience, analyses, examinations, and reports relating to a given area of interest.  

My major fields of expertise in that regard are as follows: 

Market and target group analysis
Providing support in establishing contact and promoting via traditional means
Supporting buzz marketing and e-mail marketing efforts

All of the aforementioned undertakings will be realized by means of optimal language competences, adjusted utterances, and accurate phrases. Please, contact me to be presented with more details. Each and every quotation is made individually, by taking into account the requested types of services to be provided.