Music management

My experience and knowledge of marketing, promotion and management make it possible for me to support your music endeavors as well. Would you like to interest others with your works outside of your domestic market? Would you like to show others your skills outside of Poland and try your luck in a foreign country? If so, now it is the best time to make your dreams come true!  You engagement combined with my support will surely translate into the possibility of taking foreign markets by storm and creating music masterpieces for a remarkably wider audience.

My major fields of expertise in that regard are as follows:

  • support in the process of concert organization
  • support while establishing valuable contacts in the industry
  • organization of promotional events
  • support in creating promotional strategies.

My offer incorporates organizing all of the aforementioned events both in Polish and in Hungarian, which gives you remarkably wider development opportunities. I can also support you in translating documentation exchanged between parties, including correspondence and agreements. All the financial, legal, promotional, and communication-oriented issues are handled by one person only, which is connected with the ability to save time and money, as well as to focus on your major task – making music.