I specialize predominantly in oral translation. The seat of my company is located in Cracow. It has to be also mentioned that I have a vehicle at my disposal, so I am capable of reaching any designated place in both Poland and Hungary. The price of a provided service depends on numerous factors, so I always encourage my clients to contact me individually and ask for a detailed quotation. Below, there is the basic price-list of provided services:

Oral translation



up to 4 hours: 100€

up to 12 hours: 225€

Liaison translation - it is an alternative to typical consecutive translation, which is characterized by remarkably shorter chunks to be translated at once. It is taken advantage of during less formal meetings and events. Typically, a translator is asked to translate 4 to 5 utterances, which improves the communicative act and ensures its proper flow. The said form is notably more desired by the recipients.

Oral translation



up to 4 hours: 150€

up to 12 hours: 275€

Consecutive translation - it is a type of subsequent translation done during official meetings, events, and speeches. The entirety of the speech is translated after its commencement. The speech can be also divided into shorter sections. In such a case, a chunk is translated and presented to the audience, and then the speaker continues his or her performance.

Oral translation



up to 4 hours: 200€

up to 12 hours: 325€

Simultaneous interpretation - it is utilized predominantly during conferences, congresses, training sessions, and international meetings in which a significant number of people take part. Translated content is provided in a synchronous manner to the listeners of the message. The said solution allows for keeping the pace of speech constant, as well as for ensuring the full understanding of the message.

Written translation


From Hungarian into Polish:
8 € for 1125 characters

From Polish into Hungarian:
10 € for 1125 characters

Standard written translation - the service in question is based on translating materials provided or selected by the Client in any typical written form. The unit of account in this case is the so-called standard page, which is 1125 characters with spaces. In the case of a professional or scientific text, as well as in the case of express service realization, the price increases by 50 % with regard to the base quotation.

Prices are provided in EUR and PLN and are net in character.
In the case of long-term cooperation, prices are negotiated individually.

Ordering party shall cover commutation, accommodation, and food provision costs incurred by the translator.
Commutation by translator’s own vehicle costs 0.8358 PLN / km.

I can issue VAT invoices. Additionally, my VAT UE is also active.

Data for payments:

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Polish bank account:
Bank: Raiffeisen Polbank

Accepted currency - PLN: 23 1750 0012 0000 0000 3319 4447
IBAN: PL23 1750 0012 0000 0000 3319 4447

Accepted currency - EUR: 73 1750 0012 0000 0000 3319 4517
IBAN: PL73 1750 0012 0000 0000 3319 4517

Accepted currency - HUF: 86 1750 0012 0000 0000 3391 2374
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